Monday, March 2, 2009

'Dere's Snow Everywhere!"

WOW! Mother Nature dumped a Spring Surprise on us! We got around 6 inches of snow last night and have enjoyed playing in it all day. Brantley woke up, looked out the window and said, "Look! It's a 'nowy day! 'Dere's 'now everywhere!" Breakfast was postponed as gloves and boots were found and donned and off we crunched through the fresh white snow. It is the deepest snow Little Brant has seen, and to be honest, it's the deepest we've seen in a long time. Unfortunatly, it's not good packing snow, so we couldn't build a snowman, but we made some great snow angels. We trudged down to Grandma's house, and visited with Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Grandma made blueberry pancakes and we all stuffed ourselves. Before Brantley went to work (yes, the Village Grill operates on the same priciples as the Post Office) we finished our puzzle. It's a great snowy day, wish you all were here!

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