Saturday, March 14, 2009

Send the ark!

You know, March in the south is a tricky month. We started with snow, by the end of that week, it was in the 80's and now, we are going to float away! It's been raining for two days now...and more to come, so says the forecast. But, if we don't drown, spring in is sight again! By the end of the week it should be warm again. We ventured out today (we were all in boots, Brant's cowboys, Brantley and I in LL Bean) to Southern States to buy seed potatoes. Yes, you read correctly, we are venturing into the world of potato planting. According to the guy at Southern States, we are already 3 weeks late, but Rhett Davis, our garden guru told me on Friday (he was at BDS for a special event) that it's not too late! We had some minor success with sweet potatoes several years ago, but these are white potatoes (some kind I've never heard of, but acted like I knew what the guy was talking about!) We shall see, the garden is plowed...but soggy. We are ready when Mother Nature about ready...we had to buy a 50 lb. bag!! Anyone need seed potatoes?? Brant is continuing to improve, but still acts a bit puny. He didn't nap today, but he's been taking 3 hour naps and going to bed at the regular time....Mom and Dad have been napping too. He's been a little cooker at Mom's house this week. Last night they made Chocolate Banana muffins, and today, Bran! Little B is so cute, when we were at Wal-Mart this morning, he told us he wanted to buy some muffins (at this point, if he wants to eat it, we get it!). We showed him the muffins and he looked perplexed. Looking at Daddy he said, " No, da muffins wit da stuff on top!" After a minute of thinking it suddenly struck us...he wanted cupcakes!! So, into our hands went a package of mini cupcakes from the Wal-Mart and white no less! Tomorrow is supposed to be soggy again. Sorry no pics today, too soggy. We are going to have a project day, I'll try and get some photos...if I'm not too gluey! Love to you all! The drippy us

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