Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's raining...again

I know you haven't signed on to read a weather report, but not a lot is going on around here. It is raining again, and is supposed to until Sunday!! Another rainy weekend! Brantley has gotten the tongue and groove pine ceiling installed and stained. It's beautiful! I had a Stampin' Up party last night, which was lots of fun. You should be getting some beautiful handmade cards from Mom and me soon. Little Brant and Daddy were in his room most of the evening, but Brant did come out and helped "tamp." He's very into stamping these days, we bought a doggie stamp at Michael's a few days ago, and he's been enjoying it. Today, however, he did venture into fingerprints and then, predictably, his whole hand. The boys did bring me lunch today, and we had a little picnic in my classroom. Brant did have more fun drawing on my whiteboard! Well, we are now watching Quantum of Solace, and I keep missing key developments. Love to all...

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