Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Orioles take the field!

Last Thursday Brant and his team, the Orioles, took the field in their first tee-ball game.  The evening was sunny and hot, and, as Brant plays 1st base, we discovered he will definitely need sunglasses!  Big Brantley is helping to coach the team, as it's totally different than soccer, with all the kids going in different directions.  In his absence Thursday (working due to having Brant's birthday weekend off), I took over the batting lineup and crowd control in the dugout.  Some of the kids are so little their helmets look like bobble heads when they run!  But they did really well!  Brant got a great hit off the tee the first time at bat, and scored a run (even though we don't keep score, he made it all the way around the bases).  The second time he got a hit off of Coach Derrick, and score another run!
Waiting to take the field

The field was freshly lined, so the kids enjoyed scuffing it up!
The following photos are courtesy of Grandma, as I couldn't leave the dugout to take photos, and Brant was on the other side of the field.

The first baseman!

Getting ready to make a play!

Sa-WING batter batter batter!

A hit!

Grinning after scoring a run


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