Friday, May 13, 2011

A very special birthday party

A few days ago, Brant looked up from his dinner plate and announced, "Tomorrow is Percy's birthday!"  (Who is Percy, you ask? click here and here for an introduction).  Well, it's only appropriate that a Polar Bear who has such a crucial part in our family should have a birthday.  Thanks to Grandma, it came off sooner, rather than later.  Sitting on our back step, when we got home from school the next day, were four cupcakes in a box, with "Happy Birthday Percy" written on it.  How fun!   Happy Birthday to the best polar bear a boy could have!

Brant told us that he would blow out Percy's candle, so he wouldn't burn his nose.  And then,  he would also eat it because it wasn't "Polar Bear Food."

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