Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kindergarten Field Day 2011

Friday was Brant's fun field day, and the who family showed up to watch!  It was very well done, with lots of relays and fun games!  And Ms. Stacy gets a gold star for putting Brant on the blue team, his favorite color!

Passing the baton for the race!

Look at that boy running hard!

Cup on a stick relay!  Always a fun, but tricky one!

Ryan, Brant and Aidan, boys in blue

Everyone got in the act, don't let the balloons touch the ground!

Four of Brant's buddies, one on each team!

Popping the balls in the parachute

All up and in!

Everybody sit....

and scooch in!  3...2...1...Blast off!

The water balloon toss, paired with Zaid.

Careful boys....

auuugghhh, but he caught it! As a matter of fact, the balloon bounced several times, rolled across the blacktop, and then was intentionally slammed on the ground...without popping!!  It actually took a lot of work for them to finally get wet!

Getting his ribbon from Mrs. Stacy

Brant and best bud Christopher, "GO BLUE!"

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