Sunday, May 22, 2011

A birthday of Phantastic Philly Phun!

Happy Fifth Birthday Brant! Due to Brant's birthday falling on a Monday, his party took place Saturday the 21st.  He decided a while ago that he wanted a Phillies party, and of course, we were on board for that theme!  We found some great items online, and supplemented the decorations with good old red, white and blue.  Brant chose several of his friends to invite, as we aren't ready for a full class party, and of course, our great neighbors. All in all, there were about 30 people who came for a beautiful day of birthday fun!
The concessions stand

The yummiest cotton candy we ordered from FlossZone and they make it just for your event!

Popcorn, iced sodas, and peanuts in the shell.

Chips and Cracker Jack, and later hot dogs, completed the menu

The kids had pennants to decorate with sports foamies and letters, and of course, Phillies tattoos!

And the pinata I almost forgot about!

Brant chilling on the cornhole board, and our garden in the background

Munching on peanuts!

Why yes, he DOES have a blue cotton candy beard!

Mrs. Stacy and her daughter Ellie came by

The special order strawberry shortcake, Brant's birthday dessert of choice.  We picked the strawberries earlier in the week.


Austin and I chose the same tattoo!

Even though it was a baseball party there was no bat to break this one!

After the kids had picked up the loot, someone shook the pinata and MORE came out!

Brant was blessed with lots of wonderful presents, but even more wonderful friends

Christopher and Brant played a bit after the party.  They sure are good buddies!

Oops, forgot to rotate this one, but look at these great napkins!
It was a great day, lots of fun for all, and Sunday held even MORE birthday fun!

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Cotton Candy said...

Hi! My name is Randy Morris and I with Flossie's, the company that supplied the blue cotton candy for the May birthday party.

I found this mention of Flossie's through Google and appreciate the back link to our web site.

I want to put a couple of these pics on our www.flosszone site but could not find your particular order to derive the city and state where this took place.

Would it be ok for us to publish a couple of your pics and to include your name city & state (no other details, of course)?

If so, please let me know @

Randy Morris