Saturday, May 7, 2011

One of the busiest weeks ever....

We just completed, quite possibly, one of the busiest weeks at BDS, EVER.  It seemed like some unknown force of nature combined to have big events coincide.  What, might you ask? Well, if you are a teacher, you'll understand the state of our school when I say that it was book fair week, teacher appreciation week, playoffs for the golf and soccer teams, tech week for our spring musical AND our May Day program.  Not to mention, cinco de mayo!   We were in a constant state of uproar, for most of the week.  But fun uproar.  

A few weeks ago, for our annual auction, I donated a "teacher treat."  These are things that the teachers decide on what to do, and the parents bid on them.  One of my teacher treats was authentic Mexican goodies for a class.  Unknown to me, a parent in Brant's class won it.  So as all things combined, we decided that Cinco de Mayo would be a great day to do it.  One thing leading to another, and with me being an overachiever, it became an hour long fiesta!  And what fun it was!

The goodies


Orejas (ears!)

Grandma was volunteering that morning, so I had her read my new book!

Brant enjoying the snacks, which are frequently at our house.  Some of the kids thought the tasted, "weird!"

A little Mexican hat dance!

Cracking cascarones (eggs filled with confetti) outside!  

The next big event? May Day!  Traditionally held the first Friday in May, it's also a half day, full of pretty dresses, seersucker suits, bow ties and boat shoes.  It's been celebrated at BDS since 1954, when the school started.  The little kids sing, the fifth graders do the maypole dance, the sixth graders are the court (with a May Queen and King), as are the seventh and eighth graders.
Brant with the kindergarten classes, waiting to sing.

Later that evening, after an intense, but brief rainstorm, it was time for our end-of-season soccer party!  A bit on the chilly and damp side, we braved the weather and partied on! The kids had a bouncy house, which Brant called  the "Water House."  Yes, that would be because it was totally and absolutely soaking, splashing wet!  Brant was soaked to his waist, and loved every minute of it!  Once he was wet, it's not like he could get wetter!  

Pizza time!

Brant's 4th soccer trophy!

We wrapped up a busy Friday with a movie and popcorn.  But Saturday had more fun to come!

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