Sunday, May 22, 2011

More birthday fun and the Imagination Movers

 While still not Brant's actual birthday, the fun continued. This morning we had our traditional birthday breakfast, complete with pancakes, topped with strawberries.  After breakfast, Mommy and Daddy gave Brant his presents, which included new books, dot art (his fav!) and a great Playmobil Pirate Ship set.  I will say, the Pirate ship was the hit, and we immediately got to putting together the 291 parts.  Yes.  291.  But oh, what a cool ship!

Daddy teased Brant, told him to close his eyes, he was getting his presents.  When he opened them, it was his old flip flop!  

Loving the dot art!
Carefully putting off the sticker.  I accepted the complimentary gift wrap at the awesome toy store for once.

His favorite birthday breakfast

We didn't get it completely put together before it was time to get ready for the Imagination Movers concert.  Now, unless you have kids, you may have missed the coolest singing group around.  They are an indie rock kids band out of New Orleans, and everyone of them is a DAD!  We got to see them on tour two years ago, and made sure we wouldn't miss it this year. It just so happened to be on Brant's birthday weekend!

On Facebook, the Movers asked that we make Cheese art for Warehouse Mouse, who was also going on tour with them.  So last night we got to work.  Brant helped me make 2 posters, one that said, "Hey ya'll, it's my birthday" with Warehouse Mouse, and the other, cheese themed, said, "It's Gouda be in NC!".  Well, it paid off, because Brant got to meet Mover Dave as he ran up the aisle!  Dave flipped Brant's hat around, gave him a Movers guitar pick and posed for a photo!  And then, during the final song, I held up Brant's other poster, the gouda be in NC one, and Mover Scott, from the stage, yells at us, "It's GOUDA be here too!!!"  How fun!

                                              Waiting for the show to start

Genevieve, who also said, she wore was she does to show kids you can be cool without showing skin!! Atta girl!

DC, the breakdancing train engineer

And the Movers take the stage!!  MOVER DAVE!




Warehouse Mouse!

Dave, Eddie the monster, Smitty and Mover Scott

Dave's getting closer!

He STOPPED!!  Here he's reading Brant's sign, and getting out a guitar pick.  Notice Dave's hat and Brant's.

Dave flipped B's hat to be like his, and stopped for a photo!  What great guys!

The confetti cannons are always awesome!

Gathering confetti!

Wrapping up the show, with Choo Choo Soul

What a fun show, if you get to see them sometime, do it, they are a class act!  Tomorrow is Brant's actual birthday, and the start of his last week in school.  It's another busy one, with birthday treats tomorrow, class end of the year party on Tuesday, more tee-ball and the end of year program on Thursday.  And then, SUMMERTIME!!

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