Monday, May 2, 2011

A little plantin', pastin' and, partyin'!

Life has entered the crazy downward slide towards summer, and our family is holding on for dear life!  There are so many things going in the next weeks that my planner looks like a term paper! But this weekend, we carved out a bit of time to get some things done. 

Last year, when we were on our family vacation to Cass, WV (totally awesome trip, by the way), there was a strong thunderstom and we lost our Bradford pear tree.  Thanks to our great neighbors, we didn't even have to do a thing, when we got back, it was cut up and on the side of the road.  All we were left with was a stump.  Until last Friday!  We finally got the stump ground out, and a new tree purchase.  Daddy picked it out, and did a great job, as he picked out a HELICOPTER tree!!  Yep, a red maple that produces Brant's favorite natural plaything, the little helicopters that flit to the ground with the seeds.  Brant was right on hand with Daddy when it got planted.  It was kind of neat to think that after we move on (who knows, we may just add on, but still...) the tree we planted will still be there. 

Adding some topsoil....

which unbeknownst to us, came from Brant's hometown of Milford, DE!!  So we planted our new tree in NC dirt AND DE dirt!

Putting his boots to good use
 The next thing on the agenda was to make an example piñata for my class.  My students are making them this week, and I wanted to give it a trial run. Besides,  I thought Brant would have fun with it.  And he did!  So we set up the folding table in the middle of the grass and got to pastin'.   We also did the tiny one as a maraca example for my 7th graders. We started the projects in class today, and so far so good!

Mommy's permission to get messy = a great project!
 Putting arts and crafts aside, we headed off to our friends' wedding!  Wes and Megan got married at a beautiful manor in Colfax, outside on a perfect day.  The reception was lots of fun, and it's always great when we get to go somewhere as a family.  You can tell summer is around the corner, though, because B and I start craving Daddy time. We don't see him a lot during the school year, with our weird schedules, so summer is just glorious!
My handsome boys! Brant requested a haircut as short as Daddy's!

Taking a walk around the garden proved to have some surprises!  Look at the strawberry that's going to be picked in the next day or so!!

And our beans are growing at least an inch a day!
It's teacher appreciation week at BDS, and we got creative this year!  Brant's teachers are getting some special surprises from him, hand made and beautiful!!
Painting some flowerpots

The cute card idea I found

He he, just the right amount of cheesiness!

Keep checking back, lots going on!  May Day and birthday preparations are in full swing!!

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