Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas lights and Nativity scenes

We've had our decorations up for a while, as you blog readers will know. And it's a good thing too, because we've entered the season of something after school most every day and activities on the weekends as well.  If we hadn't decorated before, it wouldn't get done until after we get out of school. I firmly believe this. 

So, we've been enjoying our tree and nativity scene in the brief minutes between eating dinner, homework, bath and bedtime.  I don't know how long it's been like this, but I noticed Brant made a few decorating changes. 

This is a bit of trend for him as well, see what happened last year!  Click here  

Another tradition or, well, fun thing we try to do each year is go to the Twin Lakes Lanes of Lights. It's a local retirement center, one where there are homes, and assisted living and an absolutely beautiful campus. Each year, for a canned food donation, you can drive through. You feel like you are in a float in a parade, so many of the residents line the way wishing all Merry Christmas. And the Jolly Old Elf and Mrs. Elf make an appearance at the end, along with a bag of homemade cookies for each car (they baked over 8,000 cookies last year!)  We were very happy Daddy could come with us this year, and I got to snap a few photos (not great, as we were moving). 

The reflection on one of the twin lakes

The sea monster on another, the red and white stripes are trees on the bank, and a family ducks.
 We've decorated a bit more at home as well, and we've not been able to get a good photo yet, but Little B asked if we could decorate his playhouse...well, of course!
Lots and lots of Christmas fun coming up!  It's just beginning, thank goodness the tempo slows a bit at the end of school!

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