Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun, ALL day long!!

Last Friday was the big Halloween day at school, as it was the day the kids could wear their costumes to school (K3-K5) for the Halloween parade.  So, here is our little pirate all ready to go, complete with dubloons and sword.  He wouldn't wear the wig that came with it, as Jake, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (one of his favorite shows) has short hair. 

"What's a pirate's favorite letter?"

And what a busy classroom it was!  Here Brant is chasing after N, a shark, and  his buddy Christopher (from bowling) is the "Black Cat Ninja!"

Mrs. Richardson getting kids settled and making sure they were ready for the Halloween parade

The whole school gathers in the gym and the kids get to parade around the gym, showing off costumes to the cheers and applause of the bigger kids.  It's a great time, and really fun to see how excited the big kids still get!

This was right after Brant was walking around the gym, waving both hands, like a Hollywood star  or something!  By the way, he was the only pirate!

A little hat adjustment

Back in the room for a class photo

This is something really special that the class had done.  One of Brant's classmate's dad is a professional photographer, who just opened a studio.  He does this really neat group photo, where each of the students were photographed separately, doing what their character does best.  He then put them into a great group photo!  

The class had a great party lunch that day, with pretzels with long chocolate fingernails, pizza, spooky cupcakes and chicken nuggets. Our pirate must have worked up an appetite rampaging BDS, because he ate 6 nuggets, a slice of pizza, a ton of fruit, a cookie, pretzel finger AND a cupcake!

The class voted on the pumpkin design, and "Spookville" won (Brant's choice too). One of the class moms carved it.
So, school ended, and it was back for for a bit, to rest before the big Halloween carnival.  We had a nice dinner at Village Island, err, Grill, with a pirate, and Daddy got to see him before we left.  On our way in we met up with Josh, Dana, Natalie and Cade. We tried for a photo under the black cat, but you can see, it was raining, and the kids were excited. And Cade did NOT want to get in the photo.   So this is what I got.  Dana, maybe you got better?

And he's off!  The best part about BDS is everyone knows who everyone belongs to.  The kids have almost free reign of the gym, and Brant had so much fun playing the games.

This was a fun one, tossing balls into the potty!

And picking a duck never fails to please

By now, we've shed costume parts, which are in my arms, while taking photos and holding all the other misc. items.

Now this is Brant's absolute favorite.  I mean, he asks about Spin Art every year, and if we are somewhere that has it, we HAVE to do it.  So we did, twice as a matter of fact.  Which is good, since last year's spin art was still on our fridge!

And what kid doesn't like being able to swing a hammer and slam something as hard as he can??  Our kid sure does!!
If you want to see some photos from years past, and see how Brant's grown, click here.  Just think, all this fun and we've still not gone Trick-or-Treating!!

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