Monday, January 23, 2012

And the renovation continues...

Brantley is slowly getting going on the bathroom again, after a virus got him down last week, and life just got crazy afterwards. But we are settled in at Mom's for nights, which allows Brantley more freedom to really get stuff messy during the day.  Of course, if the weather outside would cooperate, it'd be a lot more fun for  him. Running through the rain to get to the workshop is not the most fun, and it eliminates all his outdoor storage space!  
Nonetheless, Handy Brantley has been at work.  Look what we found behind the shower surround.  we knew about the window that used to be there, as we took it out (hello! WHY would you want a full sized window THERE?)  But the sheetrock behind it was a lovely surprise, with vintage 1940's wallpaper.   And really, let's just talk about sheetrock behind a shower.  There's a bit of a moisture issue that now has to be resolved. But I have been assured it will be done RIGHT.  As if Brantley could do any less!!
There must have been a clawfoot tub in there at one point.  I'd kind of like it back, but I do like a shower.
Handy Hubby working on the molding that goes on the outside. 
He's just the best.  Although I did stay out of the bathroom when he was using the nail gun.  Those walls are SOLID, but you could hear the noise of the nail go in and it was loud!  My OCD mind saw a nail shooting through or something.  When I told Brantley, he just shook his head at me.  I'm sure the word "nutcase" was in there somewhere.
The new transom window.  I can't believe the difference it makes light wise. No more cave!

Not much else new today, except there is nothing but studs for walls.  Brantley was supposed to get a good day's work in, but an impromptu trip to the pediatrician for Brant (a runny nose since before Christmas) interrupted him.  By the way, the diagonosis was post-nasal drip.  Doctor speak for a runny nose!  The weather is wreaking havoc on him too!

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