Saturday, January 28, 2012

Surprise! The middle school surprise shower for Baby Henry

Thursday morning we breezed into school, right at 8:00, cutting it close.  There was a lot of activity down the hall, but Brantley and I had to get our stuff together, and B down the hall to class.  Brantley did seem interested in the tables set out in the hall, but it was advisory (8-10 same sex groups that meet with a teacher to discuss whatever is going on in lives) morning, and all kinds of crazy stuff happens.  But there is always on top of food.   So tables of food didn't clue me in to anything.  Brantley was suspicious though...

I came back to my room, and a student runs into my room, reminding me to come to morning meeting.  Grabbing my planner and coffee I headed out, only to realize it was THURSDAY, not MWF morning meeting day....hmmmm... Then I saw this...

Then this...

The student lounge was packed with the 56 middle schoolers and staff.  Lunch tables had blue and white tableclothes, flowers and duckies running down the centers.  The best sight, though, were those 56 smiling faces, so excited to have gotten one over on me.  Those kids kept the secret for a couple of weeks!!  

First up, breakfast for the kids, and I got to go before the herd.  One of my talented students made these cute cupcakes.

Seriously, isn't that adorable?
 Next up, it was present time!  The kids all presented me with the gifts from their advisories.  Mr. D's group was up first.  This single teacher later informed me it was one of his most uncomfortable shopping trips to buy the diapers..and did you know there was a WALL of diapers??!  Love it!!
Not only did he do well, he also got a variety of sizes!  Three boxes from those guys! 

Mr. Kuhn's guys were up next...our carseat base and a changing pad cover!!

Mrs. Latham's Ladies came next...a Bumbo, tray AND our Diaper Genie!

and hooded towels.  Apparently the Latham ladies did not feel that a baby shower was complete without hooded towels!

Mrs. Maner's Men presented me with a $100 gift certificate to a local spa and, with the  warning that, though the wrapping paper was Tiffany colored, the diapers within are not! 

Mrs. Noronha's gals gave Henry a basket LOADED with goodies, including a gift certificate to a nail salon for me.  In the basket?  Bottles, pacis, socks, changing pads, a baby food storage organizer...I know I'm forgetting something. It was jammed packed! 

 The last group was Mrs. Weatherly's Weatherwomen!
One of the girls made Henry a blanket!

And another amazing basket packet with goodies.  A cute monster hat, Little Einstein toy, a lovey, taggie bib, a sleep sack and once again, I know I am forgetting something!
 Amongst all those gifts for Henry, were two big brother gifts for Brant.  So a student ran down to his class to get him.
A little shy walking into a room full of big kids

Mrs. Noronha's girls got him Thomas bath toys!

Warming up to the crowd...

And the Weatherwomen got him a cool wooden jet model to put  together.

He was a bit overwhelmed, as was I
To top it all off, the boys loaded my car for me!  Overwhelmed is too weak a word to say how I felt.  What a great morning!!

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