Sunday, January 29, 2012

The renovation continues...making our mark

We've blogged about the interesting finds when renovating our house, from old newspapers, to random things people leave in the wall, forgetting they are there.  Like the loop of string hanging from a nail...random?  Why is that there? But there it was, in the bathroom.

Tonight, Little Brant decided, before Daddy closed up the bathroom walls tomorrow, we all needed to sign and date the inside.  After saying this, Daddy said that under the house someone wrote, "Poor Bill."  There is much speculation about the meaning, from morbid to humorous.  And of course, after putting the floor into the attic, Big Brantley and his Dad (aka Pop Pop or Louie) signed their work.

So, following tradition, we whipped out a Sharpie...
Carefully printing his name, including the II

Daddy adding his, Brant made him write I (the first) after his

And there you go.  Yes, the date says 2/1/12...that's the anticipated date of wall completion
 In case you were wondering what else is going on.
The new drywall (mold and moisture resistant).  Also, in the bathroom with  only one light, we now  have 3 can lights, not to mention the ones that will go over the sink. 

Daddy has gotten so good at "mudding" drywall, it hardly need to be  sanded!
So there you are, we are making our mark.  Should see some tiling going on this week, exciting!!

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