Monday, January 9, 2012

Spirit Week 2012: Blue and White Day

Oh yes, it's that week again!  The week of the year topped only by the hype of the week before Christmas..yes, Spirit Week!

Today was Blue and White day, and we were supposed to "Blue Out" the gym at the basketball games this afternoon.  But I had ANOTHER doctor's appointment (really getting tired of those), and Brant went home with Grandma.  It didn't stop us from dressing up though!  Check out our shirts we made!  (Please remember that I am in fact, 32 weeks pregnant and a bit blobby looking right now!)

In case you can't read them, mine says Big Bruin, Baby Bruin on the belly and Brant's says Little Bruin!
 We were quite the hit, I must say!
 Tomorrow, crazy hat and sock day!  We'll see how that goes for me, but Brant is sure to be looking good!


Meredith said...

Love the shirts and I think you look awesome!

Hannah Barnhorn said...

Wow 32 weeks already! You look great! How has the pregnancy been going?

Jen said...

YOU DO NOT LOOK BLOBBY! You look amazing! Although, I know how it feels and you mean. And thanks, cause I kept meaning to ask you how much longer until the new one arrives.