Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spirit Week 2012: PJ and Wacky Tacky Day

Well, PJ day has come and gone, and only after Brant's bath last night did I realize we didn't get a photo!  Oh well, he was super-cute in his Cars PJ bottoms and thermal shirt, I was quite the relaxed teacher in sweats and a long sleeved t-shirt.  Let me just say, if ONLY I could teach in that everyday!  It was bliss!

Today was Wacky Tacky Day, and sure to be an eye-popping success on everyone's part.  The kids looked great, though I must say, many of them had an air of the '80s and early '90s about them, more Pop than eye-popping.  But Brant helped me pick out his clothes, and insisted on wearing one of his shirts backwards too.  I however, sabotaged the whole thing for me in purchasing maternity clothing.  I've made a point to get lots of mix and match outfits...thus, very hard to go tacky!  But raiding the jewlery and clashing colors came through and here were are!

We were both on the crabby side this morning, so this is as good as a photo got!  Like the door we removed from the bathroom that's still in the kitchen?? It would be me that wants to do something "crafty" with it (maybe the source of another blog post!)
You can't see that Brant had on cammie pants either, but he was a tacky fellow!  Tomorrow is favorite college/university team day...can you guess what we'll be wearing?

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