Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Henry's Shower in Delaware

As spirit week wrapped up, we were preparing for a whirlwind trip to Delaware.  Departing Saturday morning, we arrived in time for a great family dinner with Brantley's sisters and their families.   It is always such fun  to get together with the family, especially for the cousins!  And Grotto's pizza on top of it all...yummy, can't get much better...except maybe if Mom Mom and Pop Pop had been there with us!

Is it just me or do they look related??

The four oldest cousins!
Sunday afternoon was the big day! For two girls who said this wasn't their "thing" they did a great job!  Look at how pretty it was!
Before all the snacks were out

The cute diaper cake

And the blue iced cupcakes were blue cake too!
Not to mention the cute ducks that were scattered around, and all the goodies!

 In the back of my mind, I admit, I did wonder how Brant would react to all the attention given to the baby.  It seems that every nay sayer and bad-news bearer has given me their opinion about how it was going to be, especially because of the 5 year age difference.  But our Big Brother surprised us once again, or actually, didn't surprise us, for he really is a great kid.  Instead of being jealous, or acting out, he became a helper!

Brant delivered gifts to me to open

And we both had fun discovering what was inside.  And the fun part was, his cousins all gathered around towards the end too!

One of our favorite gifts, an organizer bag stuffed with all kinds of baby boy goodies!
It was such a great day, which we wrapped up with another dinner out, at Bethany Blues, with all 13 of us!  Our heads were still spinning when we loaded in the car to drive home, but it was so good to see one and all, and it made us long for a longer (warmer!) summer visit to come!

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Jen said...

Gotta love those duckie themed baby showers. Too cute. And I would think the 5 year age difference would be okay because at least B has some ability to understand what is happening. My poor son was just... confused.