Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday odds and ends

So most all you blog readers know that we have a dog, Brady, because he makes many appearance in posts. We also have 2 cats, Rusty and Bailey, who stay pretty scarce, especially Rusty, who really doesn't care for Brady all that much.  He's also incredibly skittish and while beautiful and fluffy, really doesn't like you coming after him to pet him.  Bailey, on the other hand, is our Honeymoon cat.  The week after we got married we went to the shelter and got him, tiny grey fluff of a thing.  Now that the weather is cooler, he likes to come in and snuggle some, and Saturday night (the final night the tree was up) he made himself comfy.  Brant had made a ring of our outside bulbs under the tree, and Bailey made himself at home.  I couldn't resist a picture of our "Christmas Cat."

 Every year Santa leaves Brant a note, sometimes mentioning where gifts are, like the year Brant got a tire swing and the elves installed it on the playset, and sometimes just commenting on how big Brant is getting.  And of course, the quality of the milk and cookies (he's partial to iced gingerbread or sugar, and likes Homeland Creamery milk!)

Knowing the actual letter won't last long, a quick photo is always in the works.  Here's the 2011 letter from Santa. In case you were wondering, there was a bag of melted snow beside the empty plate...

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