Monday, July 4, 2011

Berry Red, White and Blue

The fourth of July arrived without a bang, but ended with some great big BOOMS!

The day started early, as our little early bird popped out of his nest just after Daddy left for work. A few early morning snuggles and it was time to get the day started, with plans to go to Buttermilk Creek Farm to pick some blueberries and blackberries.  But before we could get started, we noticed the Japan crew were online with Skype, so it was the perfect time to talk. Brant hadn't really talked to Grandma since she left, so it was good for him to have a chance to share all the things that had been going on.

We headed out to the country a bit later (and hotter) than originally planned, but a great deal happier for talking to family.  Admonished by Big B, upon departure, "Don't get carried away!" we planned to pick only two buckets of blackberries, and one of blueberries.

The beautiful farm was busy, and after spraying our shoes down with bug spray (don't want chiggers and ticks now, do we?) we got picking eating.  I had to establish the rule, for every berry Brant ate, he had to put one in the bucket. I wonder why that didn't work?  Mission accomplished. We were berry, berry full of berries, and had quite a few pounds to take home as well.
These were so yummy, neither of us could stop eating them!

The blackberries weren't that bad either

Yes, he's STILL eating them !

Our neighbors decided to have a cookout to celebrate, so I decided to make a pie with some of the blueberries. I have to came out quite well, and contrary to most of my food, it tasted good too!  God decided to provide fireworks tonight, as a band of strong thunderstorms came through, just around time to eat. We all crowded around the table, enjoying our burgers, hotdogs and fixings, just as much if it had been outside. We ended the evening on the front porch, enjoying the rain, and the occasional M80 that Ronnie tormented us with, throwing them in the yard when no one was looking!
My 4th of July pie!  blueberry of course
Sparklers in jammies on a summer night. It doesn't get much better!

We wrapped up our fourth with a few backyard, legal fireworks, and now, the boys are reading stories in bed. I can hear Daddy's low murmur reading the book, and fireworks are being echoed outside.  I know there are families that are separated right now, due to military deployment, and we are so thankful to be together. Thank you to our service members, past and present, for all you have done to keep this "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." Happy Fourth of July ya'll!

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