Monday, July 25, 2011

Our last day of vacation

The cool, rainy weather continued into Saturday, our last day.   We had left Saturday unplanned, in case we hadn't done something we had wanted to. It turns out, there were two fun things going on locally.  We had to decide if we wanted to go to the Heritage Days festival in Franklin, or the Block Party that night in Dillsboro.  We opted for the Block Party, but more on that later.

We decided to go for a ride on Saturday, down to Cullowhee.  We kept on riding until we ended up in Cashiers,  and a quick lunch break at a Wendy's with a fireplace!  While there we discovered a map of waterfalls in the area, and headed out to see a few more.   The road was so twisty and turny that we all were quite thankful to get out of the car.

The waterfall we found was called Dry Falls, and it was near Highlands, NC.  And let me say, we found where the yuppie area in the mountains is! (sorry if any of you classify yourselves as yuppie! lol!)  Anyway, these falls were neat because you could walk behind them, something Brant had asked up repeatedly to do.  So, down we went...

The walk down to the falls.  I quite liked the fencing, that didn't have gaps and was securely in the ground.

5 year old silliness

Oh look, another family photo, taken by another family that we took their photo!

Behind the falls, can we say wet?

Dry Falls, looks wet to me!
 So after our drive we took ourselves back to the cabin to pack.  Later that evening we headed to the Dillsboro block party, with live music, antique cars and games.  And the shops, which usually roll up their sidewalks at 5, were open late.  We poked around a bit, played with some hula hoops, and waited for it to get hoppin'.  But so funny, I think there were about 75 people there, but some great music.  We enjoyed walking around and I finally got my boiled peanuts (which gross out the boys).

Downtown Dillsboro. There are a few blocks, full of quaint shops, and a few restaurants. You can see the tracks where the Smoky Mtn. Railroad comes through.  It's got to be a great boon to the economy there. 
So, it was our last evening, and we made it home in time for this.

We left early on Sunday, heading towards Asheville, and breakfast downtown at Early Girl Eatery.  It took a bit longer than we thought, as it is one popular place!

One last stop at John and Amanda's house, a visit with the cousins, and checking out the animals they have (pony, goats, chickens and ducks) and we headed home.  Home Sweet Home. Vacation was great, but it's always wonderful to come back!

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