Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation Days!

We just got back from the O'Day Family Vacation, and while at times it has some National Lampoon tendencies, it's always great fun!  This year we decided to go to Dillsboro, NC. When we mentioned where we were going to people (native North Carolinians, mind), we received many puzzled looks, and one comment of "Is that near Sweetsboro?" (get it..dill....sweet....pickles?)

Well, Dillsboro proved to be a great choice, small, quaint, and right on the Tuckasegee River.  Our cabin was at the top of one of the surrounding mountains.  The rental agency suggested arriving in the daylight, as it might be hard to get into the key box.  Personally, I think it was so you wouldn't drive off the mountain trying to get there. But once we navigated it a few times, it was ok (Brantley still wouldn't let us talk to him while driving down the mountain!).  It was worth it, for the 30 mile view from our deck and the seclusion and peacefulness.
Looking off the deck the first evening

We didn't waste time putting the rocking chairs to good use.

Coming up the side of the cabin

Ok, here's the road. When we got to the last part we had to put the 4-wheel drive.  This road curved to the left, twisted down and around and continued up the cleared area strait ahead.  The GPS showed no road.

Each night we were blessed with a sunset, little Brant usually being the one who spotted it first.  He's always been  the spotter in the family, stopping us to look at a beautiful sky.
The back of the house
Walking in, a bedroom to the left and one to the right

The kitchen

Pool and foosball in the gameroom

The first day we spent exploring Sylva, the neighboring town, hitting some shops and exploring the area.  We also found the local brewery, and purchased a growler of beer and the best root beer we've had.  Brant absolutely refused to try the birch beer or root beer, because it had beer in the name!
The old courthouse, now the library

Downtown Sylva, from the park

The Tuck

We manage to find some great playgrounds on our vacations, this one being shaped  like the old courthouse on the hill.

Finding helicopter seeds to fly

They even had those fun cutouts to take pictures in

Crossing the bridge

Heading back up to the cabin

Guess what time it is!?


Brant's double decker s'more

After our dinner, we made s'mores and watched a movie...the next day we headed out early for our train ride!

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