Monday, July 4, 2011

Introducing two new family members!

If you read this blog with any frequency, you'll know we have two cats, Bailey and Rusty, and are contemplating adopting a dog sometime later this summer or early fall.  That's it on the pets.  Until our trip to the beach with our nephew Hazen, who had permission and money to get a hermit crab (or 2).

Brant didn't really know what they were, but once he saw them, he "NEEDED" one (or 2).  So, seeing as you don't have to walk them, change their litter or take them to the vet, we agreed.  And Tomaroo and Arootom became members of our family.  Now, I've named them Crazy and Lazy.  This coming from the fact that I already thought one had escaped, only to find it clinging, upside down on the lid to its carrier (Crazy, especially since I lifted the top of it off, turned it over AND set it down without seeing it!) Lazy because, well, he is!
Lazy (sorry it's blurry, he was moving sooo fast you would think I could get a decent picture!)
According to B, this is Arootom

Tomaroo (Crazy) exploring his log

My sister Cheryl and I had hermit crabs growing up.  Several in fact, inherited from a family who went of vacation and decided they didn't want them back, or something like that.  We enjoyed them, they lived in an old aquarium.  We'd put them out on the deck to enjoy some sunshine.  Until we forgot about them and there was a sudden thunderstorm, and well, you see, even though crabs live at the beach, they can actually drown in a few inches of water. So sad.

Arootom and Tomaroo received an upgrade on their home, as the carrier we brought them home with was a bit cramped.  They fully appreciate their new home, and immediately started crawling all over it. They do seem to prefer the "Hermit House" and dig themselves into the sand inside it.

So life comes full circle, and I find hermit crabs in the house again. But really, seriously, they are SOOOO much better than a rat, or a hamster, or, sorry Cheryl, lunatic gerbils.

Welcome to the family....finally there's someone else to be crabby with! ha ha ha!

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