Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was Daddy's birthday and the preparations have been in the works for a couple of days. Cake choice (pineapple), dinner choice (ribs and mac and cheese), activity choice (movie and Putt Putt)...and of course, present shopping!  Daddy is a hard one to buy for, primarily because he A. doesn't talk about his wants much or B. he goes ahead and gets what he wants.  So we have to get creative...

Do you remember the Lowes Build to Grow post? Well, right after we finished that project, we were walking out of the store when Brant froze, and got really excited. He had spotted a tool, which he had seen on TV and we HAD to get Daddy for his birthday.  It was the Kobalt quick release set, that had a hammer head, ratchets, screwdriver heads, all in a handy dandy case. Honestly, it was cool!  Daddy thought so too! So it's been in hiding for a few weeks.

My ideas had to simmer a bit...
If you don't know it, we are big Paula Deen fans around here. I mean, who doesn't want a little butter and oil in their food?  I was reading one of her magazines, and found a write up about her boys' new cookbook!  Bingo!  Perfect for my BBQ Brantley...some manly recipes, full of andouille sausage, mesquite spices and NOLA flavorings.  To round out the gift, new grill tongs and a wire basket for cooking shrimp and veggies on the grill.  The cookbook definitely brought a smile and we tried out the grill gear tonight.

he he, Brant got a little tape happy

Taking after his Grandpa and Great-Grandpa Unger

Checking out the new tools...boys and their toys

We had a great family day, starting the day off with a little house cleaning (ugh, but it HAD to be done), then heading off to La Cocina for lunch.  After lunch we went to see Cars 2, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, especially my James Bond fan husband.  I thought the scenes in Japan were really funny too, especially since Mater's experience in the Japanese bathroom was very close to our experience in the hotel at Osaka!  Let's just say, toilets don't have buttons where we come from!

After the movie it was off to Putt Putt, where Brant scored 4 holes in one, I had 2 and little B had 2 also!  Crazy!  Dinner was yummy, the cake delish (made by yours truly and her best helper), and the evening relaxing. We rounded out the day with a rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippo, followed by Iron Man 2 and a bit of Phineus and Ferb.   While we did all those fun things, the best thing was being together. Daddy had the whole day off!
Icing the cake!  It was one of those where you mix pineapple juice in the batter, and it has a cool whip and pineapple icing!

Totally into icing the cake, yes, he's sitting ON the counter now.

Ta Da!! and it tasted yummy too!

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

Happy Birthday to our sweet husband and Daddy, you are a gift to us each and every day!  We love you!

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