Sunday, July 24, 2011

A day on the Tuckasegee

Thursday dawned overcast and showery, but since we knew we'd get wet that day, it didn't really matter.  We decided to go rafting, with the Dillsboro Rafting Company.  Their tag line is "mom approved rafting," but really, the Tuck is a great river to go down, especially if your child is younger than 7 or 8.  On the Tuck kids can go if they weigh 40 pounds.  With a couple of class 2s, it's plenty exciting and of course, there are lots of swimming spots and even a chance to body raft.  Big B and I did, little B wanted nothing to do with it (he had taken a swim earlier and deemed it "way too cold for that!"  Once again, not too many photos, as we like our camera and didn't bring a waterproof bag.

Before heading out. We had to wait for the water release for bigger water

Checking out the raft when we got back. There were kittens under the deck that Brant just loved.

Hanging out...

Looking down river with the rafting company to the left. I had forgotten we were on the other side of the divide, so the river flowed towards the Mississippi
The sign of a good day rafting

Love those Keens

Let me mention a neat little aside note.  Right across the river is an old Illinois train and Prisoner transport bus.  They were props in the movie The Fugitive, and the river Harrison Ford swims into is the Tuck!  He jumped from the dam at Fontana Dam, and if you watch carefully, one of the ambulances in the movie says Jackson County EMS.  Harrison takes a turn at a sign that reads Murphy, one of the local towns in NC, NOT IL!!  You can see the train and bus well from the road, but can't get a great photo. These photos were taken from across the river.
The train

There are signs of the movie everywhere! 

What next?  Deep Creek and 3 beautiful waterfalls...

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