Friday, July 29, 2011

The butterflies are free!

Today was the day! The caterpillars, which our neighbor Lynn rescued from our mailbox during vacation, have changed and become beautiful painted ladies.  So we set them free.  We had to do a lot of convincing with Brant, as he wanted to keep them for as long as they lived.  But every time I walked by, they screamed, "LET US OUT!!"

He unzipped the habitat, them immediately re-zipped it.

Finally, he was convinced, and rewarded with this,

He was laughing contagiously, as they tickled!
The rest of the day was filled with a game of bowling (it was 101 degrees today, too hot to be outside), playing matchbox cars, checking out books at the library, dinner at Daddy's. And finally, when it was still 93 at 7:00, we went for a swim!   Ahhh, summer!

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