Monday, December 12, 2011

Build and Grow Christmas Train and the Christmas Parade

Last Saturday morning dawned busy and only got busier as the day went on.  We started off at Lowe's for their Build and Grow project day.  The boys are working on their Christmas train, and it was time to get to work on the coal car!  

Brant's building skills are progressing to where he can do a lot of the hammering himself.  Daddy still assists setting the nails in the right spot, but he's got the rest well in hand

he he, well, he held it up like I said.
 Stop number two (after a few errands and lunch) was back at the house, getting ready to walk downtown to the annual Christmas parade.  We try to go each year, see here to check out last year
We decided to take Brady with us, he's not really gone anywhere with a lot of people, but he's such a great dog, we thought he'd do well

Grandma and Brant ready for the parade!

And Brady, good puppy!

A squeeze from his best boy.  If you've ever heard of a boy and his dog, that's these two.  When Brant isn't home, Brady paces looking for him.  

(shhh, don't tell anyone, but Daddy is a big dog person and Brady filled a large, Ruby sized hole)

Ahhh, the ear splitting sound of the parade coming around the corner!

Yep!  The first of 3 fire departments in the parade, this one our own!

We ran into Brant's buddy Christopher and his Mom and Dad too, and decided to enjoy the parade together

Nothing like a train!  

And yellow John Deeres are always an oddity worth looking at

Of course, the big man himself wrapped up the parade.  The only thing left were around 75 horses and their riders.  No one wants to follow them in a parade!
 The boys had such fun gathering candy thrown from the floats and just watching the variety of entries. Our parade is different, in that it's free to be in it.  So there are so many different things, from the Shriner's mini fire brigade, a hot rod body shops motorcycles and cars to local businesses.  Our small town had a parade, with very few gaps, that lasted well over an hour and a half!!

And for those of you wondering, Brady did great. He sat beside me the whole time, except when the loud cars and fire trucks came through.  And the kids were yelling at him from the floats, about how cute he is. Toddlers came up to pet him...all in all, we were very, very, very lucky to get him from the shelter!  He's a gem!

Just as we thought we'd have to head out without seeing Santa, he came around the corner. And just in time for us to walk home, hop back in the car and head to Mebane for Natalie's birthday party!
Natalie had a snow/winter themed party, with pin the nose on the snow man, and snowball games.  And yes, Brantley was the only boy (Dana assured me other boys had been invited :-)  ) but he didn't care. He hung out with Josh and Caleb!
Busy, busy but very fun day!!

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