Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Craft Day

 It wasn't planned, but as usual, all of Mommy's crafty tendencies get repressed during the school year, breaking free during holiday breaks. And the other crafter in the family (well, cook, helper, builder, you name it, he's doing it) was all too ready to help with some holiday projects.

We decided that Brady needed a stocking, and looking high and low, couldn't find one that we all liked (or could afford for that matter, geez!).  We made one last stop at Target, hoping to find one there, after visiting pet stores around and even in the mountains.  There, Brant spotted a "stitch your own stocking" kit, and the best thing is it was geared towards his age! A little glitter glue to personalize it and we had a stocking for Brady!
Stitching in his jammies

Making sure his stitches went over/under, not looped.  (Those lacing cards are very beneficial, what man doesn't need to know how to stitch something up?)
The final step, decorating! Mommy traced Brady's name in pencil and Brant went over it with glue, but those little tubes were hard to squeeze!

 As the stocking was drying on the counter, it was time for the second project of the day.  I say day, but it was still before noon, but who cares what time it was that we still had jammies on, it's vacation, people!
Same trip to Target, Brant picked out the gingerbread house kit he wanted to make. It was pretty funny, Mommy and Brant choosing between the two kits, Mommy trying to tell Brant we needed THIS one because it came with the candy, Brant insisting the one he had did too.  Well, he was right...when I turned the box around to his side, there it was!! Can't get much by that boy these days!
Seriously, TA DA, it's standing!! This was the best kit, the icing in it was perfect!

Putting the lights on the roof. Brant was able to a surprising amount of the kit, and it was really fun (we did a village another year...look at it here
  Ok, for all of you who hesitate making a gingerbread house, Brant and I had a blast AND we raided his Halloween candy that was left (almost all of it) to make it our own...extra peppermints from the parade, Twizlers for shutters, it's creativity at it's best!

Daddy just said he was going to eat it when he got home from work! (notice the addition of coconut snow!)

Of course, sitting still that long requires a bit of wrestling with Doggie!
Cookies were to come later!

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