Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas with Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Everyone knows that we had a bit of a mixed up Thanksgiving this year, not making it to Delaware, where we also celebrate Christmas with Brantley's side of the family.  So on Mom Mom and Pop Pop's way to Florida, they stopped and we had a few days with them, and got to celebrate Christmas!

Brantley and Maggie under the tree

Opening his gift from Aunt Bliss, Uncle Evans and cousins

A new guitar from Mom Mom and Pop Pop

And from the Pogo Queen herself, a new pogo stick for Brant (from Mom Mom and Pop Pop). Mom Mom used to pogo everywhere when she was little, so she was more than happy to hear Brant wanted one for Christmas!

A "Brantley" tradition:  the Hess trucks. Brantley (Daddy) has gotten one for many many years, of course, playing with them growing up.  Now both of them get one, one to play, one to save. 

Grandma loved her weather station!

Our little musician got right to checking out the guitar. We know, Uncle Jeremy, he's not holding it correctly, he does now!
So it looks like a few music lessons are in our future, as our child, who refused to sing, hushed me up when I did, is now rocking out to his guitar, singing Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs.  He even wants to start a band!  With school friends.  And his name, "The Bruin Band!"  (our mascot is a Bruin!)  So, on that "note" we'll leave you with this video
(please excuse the background chatter and focus on his first attempt at playing the guitar!)

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