Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grandma and Brant's first visit to Biltmore

It's amazing how we don't do things in our own state, always traveling around to do things on vacations out of state.  Grandma has lived in NC for over 20 years, yet had never visited Biltmore Estate.  Big B had been before we were married, with his parents, and we returned for our first anniversary for my first visit.  While thinking of things to do on the way back from Bryson City, a visit to Biltmore at Christmas popped into mind.  So Sunday morning, after gathering our stuff, we headed off to Asheville.

While loving the gorgeous house decorated for Christmas, and seeing some of the newly renovated rooms we'd not seen before, we decided a return visit in the spring or summer is in the works, as the gardens weren't at their peak, and there were just so many people it was hard to absorb the surroundings. But it was such fun to see Mom and Brant see the grandeur of the home for the first time.   When I just asked Brant what his favorite thing about Biltmore was, he replied, "everything!"  (he was impressed by the pool and the old fashioned bathing costume, which he said was a swimming dress!)

No photos were allowed inside (or it would have been one of those hundred + photo ops for me), so these we snapped after our tour.
Lion in front of the home

The boys, Brant squealing, because Daddy was teasing he was going to tip him off the railing.

On the lawn 

A little family you can see, it did get chillier

And with Grandma!

Brant at the fountain

And from the esplande in front of the home. The tree was brought in as a Christmas tree. The one in the great room wasn't much smaller!

Running up the hill to the statue of Diana, where Cornelia Vanderbilt's  swing set used to be. If you turned directly 180 around, you'd see the photo below.  Can't hear a child cry from there!

And the boys, Big B and Little B, love those guys!

So after our ride home, and dinner out, we headed home to start our vacation at home!

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