Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Percy under the tree, a playdate and the Holiday Program

We wrapped up our last week of school before Christmas with a busy and hectic time, but full of fun and Christmas spirit.  Brant had the sillies one night and wanted to have a photo with Percy in front of the Christmas tree.  However, neither of them sat still for long, so we had a whole series of crazy photos, the best being below. 

This year Brant wanted footie p.js, in various designs, the skulls being his favorite

All last week the students did projects and had holiday celebrations from around the world.  Among the countries were Sweden, Holland, England and Mexico.  On top of all the crafts, like the crackers from England, they also made reindeer food! And had a holiday party!
"Show me your cracker Brant!" Well, he did, I didn't say anything about his face.

Ahh, there we are!

Wednesday of the week brought Polar Express Day, and jammie day.  It's always such fun to wear jammies to school, especially when you can look forward to popcorn and hot chocolate as a treat.  Can you believe I didn't make it down to get any photos?  I can't.  sigh. There was just so much going on!

Thursday was the long push to the end of the week, with school all day and the holiday program beginning at 7 that evening.  Natalie came over for a playdate, while her Mommy got some errands run and had dinner with us too. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and of course, Brant and Nat have been buddies for a long time.
What I found peeking in...
I said to Brant, "Natalie is your guest, maybe she wants to do something other than trains."
Natalie looked up at me and said, "Oh no Katy, I LOVE to play trains!"
Who says those two aren't good friends!?

Working on her part of the layout.
 Things got a bit mixed up with schedules this year, as Daddy took off the first weekend of break for a special trip (coming up in the next blog post.)  Because of that, he wasn't able to go to the Holiday Program. Likewise, that meant I was manning two cameras, the still and the camcorder.  So I wasn't able to get any video of the kids singing to upload here. The flip side is we have quality video of the program.  I have to say, though, that the real show went on while the other classes were singing.  I can't begin to explain the shenanigans that went on. Thankfully, Brant was well behaved, but wiggly.  And of course, the classic poof your cheeks out and press on them was thankfully silent, but still a silly sight.  It was nothing compared to some of the stuff!  Like the tights comparison from waist down, hand puppets in the lights...oh, it was classic kindergarten!

So, these photos aren't great. I was in the back with the video camera, and our point and shoot flash was piddly in the gym. But Brant was cuteness, as always. 
Only a half day left until our big weekend!

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