Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gingerbread cookies 2011

Christmas craft day being a great success, we planned on making cookies later in the day.  Of course, the best laid plans go awry, and we had another busy afternoon, with a playdate with pal Christopher and running some last minute errands. 

We finally got the dough mixed up that evening, and into the fridge, all ready for the cookie making operation the next day.   Cutters out, floured rolling pins, it was cookie time!

Cutting out the shapes

Still cutting, it was the never ending dough. We were going to  make sugar cookies as well,  but we had so many cookies already!

And now, the icing fun!  I cheated a bit this year and didn't make our icing, as it's usually  too runny to be any fun. Instead we used Betty Crocker's cookie icing, which wasn't that bad, and much more fun.

We had a lot of fun, cinnamon red hots on gingerbread, yummy!

Brant, the icing artist

We love his cookies, the one second from the left, bottom row, was made especially for Santa
All in all, 2011 cookie day was a delicious success!  There is nothing better than watching a child's creativity come out!

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