Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The next step

For those of you who could care less about our renovation, I apologize.  But, as a cousin said recently, this is a way for our family to take stock of what we have done to our house.  And it's immensely satisfying to go back through the blog posts and see all the things we've done to our home. 

So we have reached the next step, tiling!!  We are extremely excited, as it's going to be a major design change for the area.  If you are looking at the photo below, that entire shower/bath area will be tiled, as well as the entire wall to the left.  Of course, new tile for the floor.  Let me say that again, and clarify. No more almost white, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!" flooring. 

Of course, jumping in a tub with no water is always fun!

Everyday we come home from school, the first stop is at the house, to see what Daddy got done in the bathroom.  Can't wait to see the tile that tomorrow is supposed to bring!

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