Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kindergarten graduation! sigh.

I've been a bit behind on blogging, so here goes!

How can it be?  As Brantley said, "I'm now in the grades!"  As in first grade!  Yes, our oldest has graduated from kindergarten.  Last June 7th was his last day, and he had a wonderful graduation program.

They started it all off by singing a few songs...

Ms. Stacy's K4 class and Brantley's K5 class

Ms. Stacy, Brantley's teacher from last year, read a poem that got my eyes teary!

And so did Mrs. Richardson!

Natalie crossed the stage before Brant did

And Brant, very seriously, crossed a bit later. It was so cute to watch how some of the kids bounced across.  Brant, true to form, was no nonsense!

Holding his envelope with his certificate

Comparing folders with Caroline. 
And then, like that, Brant's kindergarten year was over.  People say, where did the year go?  But really?  WHERE did the year go???  My big boy is heading to the "grades"!

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