Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jedi Training Academy or Brant's 6th birthday party

The weather has been a bit iffy all week, but the today dawned clear, cool and breezy!  The perfect (well, a bit windy working with plastic tablecloths!) day for a party! 

Brantley is quite into Star Wars right now.  He's seen a few of the movies, but is on the verge of the full out boy immersion in Star Wars. So a Star Wars party was to be had!  While Daddy and I both like Star Wars, we aren't into the "Dark Side" of Star Wars yet, so we wanted it to be fun and playful.  So it was a creative challenge (you know I'm up for it!) and here's the finished product. 

Darth Chocolate cakes and Clone cakes

Yummy Yoda Soda (Sprite and lime sherbet)

Jedi Juice and Warrior Water (we peeled the water label off and made labels that said "Happy Birthday Jedi Brantley"

The food table! Droid Dip and Vader veggies.  Wrapped boxes completed the look, and made a nice landing pad for Brant's Lego ship 

Death Star Dogs, Galactic grapes and pretzels dipped in blue and red chocolate  made Light sabers

The main table

The gift table
 The Padawan learners got i.d tags before they started their Jedi challenges.

The first was light saber training.  The young Padawans had to bounce a  ballon on their light sabers

The girls all had Leia bun headbands

We couldn't leave the little brothers unarmed! Will had a great time!

They completed the Light Saber training!

Next, they had to rescue Princess Leia from the balloons! She was trapped inside, and the kids had to pop each other's balloons to rescue her

Challenge completed!
 The third challenge was to defeat the Death Star.  I spray painted a baseball pinata grey and added some death star designs.

 That darn Death Star didn't want to be defeated! So Jedi Daddy took over and it took HIM three or four good hits to defeat it!

 The fourth and final challenge was Clone Hole!  Nothing like a good old toss game!

Even the little guys got in on it!

Princess Amy!

The girls!
 Finally it was lunch time, and the kids camped out in the yard to eat!

Brantley helped me to make the cupcakes, and with the left over batter, we made a marbled layer cake. Brant had a blast swirling the batters together.  Then he iced it all himself.  It was the cake we put his candles on.  I'm so proud of how independent he's getting!
 And then, the most anticipated party of any party! Presents!

John Merritt brought Brant homemade bubble juice and a giant bubble wand!

Thanks Reed and Georgianna, the name was a hit!

Brant's new pose, in his cool apron from Natalie!
a close up of the clone cakes and toppers I made

Darth chocolate cakes were a hit too!


Jen said...

My son's party is on June 30th, send me your flight info so I know when you'll be here to help! ;)

Katy said...

would LOVE to do it! wish I could just hop on a plane and head there!