Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthdays, baseball and boys

There's no denying that this spring has been the busiest we've ever had.  With Henry's arrival kicking it all off, it's been a non-stop race to summertime.  And even summer hasn't slowed things down much. 

I went back to school June 1, and during that time, Brant had field day and graduation.  My students had their own craziness, and on the last day of school, June 8th, I raced home.  Driving home, I realized that the next day was our anniversary!!  Needless to say, we didn't do anything big to celebrate.  

Sunday was my birthday, and after Brantley got off work, we headed to baseball practice, then dinner at Red Bowl.  Coming home for birthday cake, we all dived in to the yummy Italian cream cake the boys made me.  But Grandma had a little surprise for the only girl in the O'Day house...

Brant's reaction to Grandma's suprise.

A silly shot with my boys

Yep, Grandma had PINK for mommy!!

such a fun surprise!

And the boys, after cake
 We all crashed in the living room after that...


 And baseball season is rolling on.  Brantley is becoming a great player, getting lots of hits, and doing a lot of fielding. His favorite part is to catch though.  He's doing really well, and even took a ball to the mask in the last game.

Coach Jones emailed me after this game and said that Brant earned "offensive player of the game" award.  He was 4 for 4 and outhit both the coaches' kids (and two of the best players on the team). 

Henry was very impressed!

John Merritt was on a roll too, he got two hits!  

And the silly shot again
Another random photo, Henry in his jinbei from Japan. When we told Grandma we were pregnant last summer, she had fun buying baby clothes over there! He's got another one, and then of course, we have Brant's from when we went over.  So cool, comfy and practical!
At the game, Henry just couldn't hold out any longer...

I do believe this might be the ball to the mask....

Back to more boys...found this shirt, Jeremy and Carla, he's all ready for you to come home!!

Father's Day weekend was full of baseball too,with a little extra practice with Daddy, then practice on Sunday.

Whew.  All this fun has tired me out!!
Love our life, boys, baseball and so much fun!

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