Thursday, June 28, 2012

The tale of the lost lost tooth

Once there was a little boy who would not pull his tooth.  He wiggled it forward, he wiggled it backwards, but he would not pull it!  His coach offered to put him in catching without a mask to knock it out, and others offered advice.  He even got a paper towel and tried to pull it, but didn't like it AT all. 

So the tooth wiggled.  and wiggled.  and wiggled.  And gave Mom the willies.  

The little boy woke up yesterday morning and wiggled his tooth one last time.  And it came out!  He put it in a baggie until an envelope could be found. 

The little boy was so excited that he took his tooth, in the baggie, out in the yard to show Grandma.  Playing outside all day long, the tooth was forgotten. 

Then, when it was time to put the little boy to bed, he couldn't find it!  The little boy, Mommy and Daddy, and even Grandma, looked high and low.  It wasn't to be found!  The yard was searched with flashlights, the house was cleaned and the trash was even gone through.  No tooth!  

Finally, we decided to write the tooth fairy a note, explaining what happened, and asking her, that if she saw the tooth in the yard, to take it with her.  Mommy thought, that since the Tooth Fairy deals with children, that she must be an understanding fairy.  Note tucked under his pillow, the little boy went to sleep. 

The next morning, a dollar was under the little boy's pillow.  When the Mommy and Daddy went outside in the sunlight, they searched the yard high and low again.  The tooth was not to be found!   Mommy, Daddy and the little boy, all agree, the Tooth Fairy MUST have flown the tooth away!

Thus is the tale of the lost lost tooth!

Snaggletoothed smile!

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