Friday, June 22, 2012

Soccer camp, and two big firsts for the boys

We switched gears this week, and Brant headed to Elon's soccer camp.  A half day camp, it was lead by the Elon soccer players.  Brant had the best time, learned so much and now fully worships the Elon men's soccer team.  And they are such good role models, we can't complain!  Coach Alex used to coach at the Day school as well, so a familiar face is always a comforting thing!

Brant had a few friend at camp, Christopher L., Sam and Nick from his soccer team were all there.  But they all ended up on different teams.  I asked Brant if he minded not knowing anyone on his team, "Nope!" was the reply.  

I was also really impressed by Brant keeping track of all his gear all week.  Granted, I love a Sharpie marker.  Labeling just makes me happy.  But that boy didn't lose anything all week! 

We stayed away most of the week, letting Brant have the experience on his own, and not have parents hovering.  Trust me, I can hover with the best!  Today was the last day, however, and parents were invited to the final games and closing ceremonies.  It was also "Camp shirt day". 

Now, true to form, the camera battery died.  So all these are cell phone pics.  Not bad, but not that great either.  

Brant loved the games the best, and of course, the pennies.  Emblazoned with Elon Phoenix, he would have loved to keep one!

he he, looks like he's copying his coach here, but it's just the angle

Getting his gear lined up behind his team flag.  He was on Germany.

 When we got home this afternoon, all we heard was about camp.  And goalies (he wants to be one, and really likes Coach Nathan, the Elon goalie).  And defensive positions.  And skills of the day.  I've learned, with both the Brantleys, don't ask. Eventually it will all spill out.  It gushed!  What an excellent experience he had, the first year of many for this camp!
Signs Brant made for our house.  He made the field house and soccer field out of Lego, complete with ELON spelled out on the field!
After we picked up Brant, we ran over to Henry's hair appointment.  Yes, I know, we aren't supposed to get haircuts before age one, but neither boys have made it.  Brant made it closer, granted, until about 11 months, but goodness, Henry has a LOT of hair!  So Melissa got him trimmed up!

She cut at least an inch an a half off, maybe two!

Cleaned up little boy!

We had some running around to do this afternoon, and it took us downtown.  We've been trying to get to the library for a long time. We are usually avid library users, but it seems that sports events are on Saturdays and we just don't get there.  But we did it.  And, after picking out about 30 books and a weeks worth of videos, we went to check out.  Low and behold, Brant was old enough to get his OWN library card!  (actually, she told us that when you can sign your name and write your birthdate you can.  We just didn't know!)

Very exciting day in the O'Day house, when you get your own library card!  Love that that boy loves to read!

Fun day!  First soccer camp, first hair cut, first library card...lots more first to come! :-)

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