Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brant's Field Day 2012

Field Day!!  BDS really does a great job organizing this for the kiddos, having two days, one for 1st-8th, the other for the Kindergarten division.  So you know what that means? Next year Brant will be on my team!  

Friday was also my first day back from maternity leave, and it was a bit twilight zonish. While I was happy to be back (well, sort of), I was missing the freedom of being able to attend Brant's events in entirety, as I had to miss most of his field day because of my classes. But Daddy, Henry and Grandma represented and got some great photos to let me see!

Brant's favorite relay, the Flintstone on the scooters

Checking out photos on Miller's Dad's phone

I got to see this one, cup on a stick!

Go team Green Natalie!!

When I said, "Make a silly face," they both stuck their tongues out  on opposite sides

Hockey relay!

and nothing like a good old sack race

hop hop hop!
 After the inside relays, the weather had cleared up to a nice sunny day.   Everyone's favorite game, water balloon toss!!

The kids ended their field day with a cookout and ice cream sundaes!  I was able to slip out a bit towards the end, but Daddy assured me, it was a great day!

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