Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of Season Party!!

Monday night was our last baseball game, and Tuesday night was our end of season party at Yo Zone! This week was also Vacation Bible school, and two other team members were also attending.  The three of them missed two night in a row, but what a great time they had with their team! 

Coach Jones brought pizza and drinks for all the kids, and then the town provided Yo Zone for the kids. It was such fun, and when coach gave out the trophies, he read the kids stats.  Brant batted over .500, and no one on the team batted lower than the mid .300s!  What a team!  Brant improved so much, it was almost like he had two seasons.  He was 1 for 8 in the first three games, but then only struck out 3 times in the rest of the six games  of the season (I think I'm remembering correctly).  He was third on the team for RBIs, with 12.  I know I keep saying this, but we are so, so, so proud of Brantley and how hard he worked.  

Coach Harrison had just given Brant his trophy
 Our friend Meredith surprised Henry with a new cap she made!

It matched Josiah's, her little guy.  The mommies were taking photos, looks at Big B's mad baby skills!

Baseball buddies enjoying their yogurt

Brant and Jex, one of the sweetest kiddos on the team
 And the night wouldn't be complete without the super silly antics of Brant and John Merritt!

And a quick photo with Coach Jones!

Meredith and John Merritt brought personalized baseball cookies for all the players!
Sigh.  What to do with our time now?  Oh, wait!  Off season practice starts soon!

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