Monday, August 6, 2012

Another day in DC, a Presidential sighting, and the Phillies

Waking up in the nation's capital is always a neat thing (this being said as a visitor, not living there. I suppose living there it's just like waking up anywhere else).  But for us, it's a fun adventure, full of beautiful sights, big city fun (like riding the Metro) and exploring new restaurants. 

After a bit of confusion trying to find a SmartTrip card kiosk (no, DC Metro.  Contrary to your signs, they are NOT in most stations!)  Anywho.  We set off to see some monuments.  I, and little B, had never seen the Jefferson or Lincoln Memorials up close. Grandma and Big B were enjoying visiting for the who knows how manyth time. 

Thought it was neat to see the Dept. of the Treasury, after visiting the Mint

love those nice tourists who swap out family pictures with you. Otherwise, you'd never know I was on the trip (though I do hate the confirmation of needing to lose the baby weight!)

We were sitting on a bench across from the Jefferson Memorial and heard a helicopter. Having boys, we immediately search the sky to point it out to Brant.  But flying directly over the Memorial, fairly low was Marine One.  Quite exciting for us all, the President's helicopter.  Whether he was in there or not, who knows.  But to us, he was!

A bit of a walk along the Tidal Basin took us to the Mall, and the Washington Monument.  Brant kept asking where the mountain with the faces on it was, he's somehow got it in his head that it's in DC.  Guess we'll be taking a road trip out west in the future, as none of us has seen Mt. Rushmore.

We've done this part of the Mall before, and were actually heading to the Lincoln Memorial.  But the reflecting pool was drained and honestly, it was hot and WE were drained.  So we hung out for a bit at the WWII Memorial, and actually took the time to absorb all that was there.  Brant wanted to play in the water, so we had to explain to him why it was actually there.

Grandma and Brant coming up the walk
About this time everybody needed to find a potty (gah! WHY aren't there more along the Mall?) and Henry wanted his lunch.  So we took care of business and began the walk back to the Metro. Planning on going for a swim and a nap before venturing out that night for the Phillies vs. Nationals game, we were all ready to head out.
Gram loved taking her turn carrying Henry

Checking out a fountain in front of the White House (which was green and smelled like a swamp!)

Yep. Melting down.  Couldn't find an ice cream stand fast enough

Why yes Michelle, I'd love a glass of tea.  If only they'd have let us use their potty!

Keeping a grip on the paci in front of Henry's first trip past the White House.  Doesn't George Henry Samuel O'Day sound like a President's name?  Only after Brantley Haines Donovan O'Day II serves his term, that is. :-)

We did want to see the Boy Scout Memorial as well...Brant is heading into Cub Scouts this fall.
And what trip to DC is complete without hearing the sound of your money being sucked out of your pocket. Yep...hold onto your wallets walking past this place!

So, heading into the hotel grabbing our suits, I look out the window and it's raining!!  no worries, we all crashed out and thankfully, I set the alarm on my phone, because we all woke up almost 3 hours later! Nothing like a cold, dark hotel room for good napping!

Yep!  The Phillie Phan Phamily heading out!  A side note...Daddy's new jersey, which he's only worn once or twice is one of our favorite players, Shane Victorino.  Who, while we were napping, was traded!!  Daddy almost made it to a game with his new jersey being close!!
We love going to the Nationals Stadium. It's incredibly easy to get into and out of, and I really don't worry about taking kids there.  Don't get me wrong, we like Citizen's Bank Park too, but DC is just so much easier with a family.  Daddy got our tickets, and I told him I wanted to be closer.  The last time we were on the second deck, and even there, they were really good seats.  But we knew Brant would be more into it, if we were closer.  So, we found our seats.  And kept getting closer, and closer and closer and closer to the field. We were 7 rows from the front!
So we got to see Utley about as up close and personal as we could

And Mommy and Brant's favorite player going through his batting ritual, Ryan Howard

Henry loved it, and the media crew took pictures of him!

Brantley was glued to the game (distracted only by dinner and Dippin' Dots)

Baseball players are so much bigger than you realize!
This was also the game Rollins made an inside the park homerun!

While the Phanatic wasn't there, the Presidents' race is rather fun

yep, those boys love some baseball!  So does Mommy!

Henry knocked out about the second inning and slept until the 7th.  Grandma had his ears plugged  because the crowds were going crazy.  The Phils did win, 8-0, it's always fun when your team wins!

yep, the dugout

Henry, never meeting a stranger, enchanted the people around us

Lots of fun, bleary eyed O'Days head out.  It was WAY past our bedtimes!

We headed home the next day, after a quick stop at IKEA. Sigh. Vacation was over.

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