Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off to Great-Grandma's we go!

After our short stop in Ironton, we drove 2 more hours up to Lancaster to stay at Great-Grandma's house.  Grandma Tobin is 92, and still living on her own, in the house she was born in!  She's lived there all of her life, except for a month that she was in Oklahoma, when my Grandpa was in the Army, pre-WWII.

One of the great things about Lancaster, besides our family, are all the parks!  And the school playgrounds are open to the public!  About 2 blocks from Grandma's is East Elementary School, where I went to kindergarten.  Brant named it "East Side Park", and played on it several times while we were there.  

This playground has been updated, because, it's a miracle we survived our childhood with wooden swings and towering metal slides.  Don't you remember, you climbed, and climbed and climbed to get to the top, teetering as you sit down and get ready to slide.  And halfway down your legs are burning, as the slide has been baking in the sun!  

Henry took a nap while brother played

Fighting battle droids

The new-fangled teeter totter.  Don't you remember slamming your friend down and popping up and down.  Now it's more of a bounce

Painted on the ground is a large map of the U.S.  We had a little geography lesson while we were there.
He correctly identified Florida

North Carolina

and squeezing onto tiny Delaware.  As well as Texas and California! Don't know where he learned that!

I distinctly remember walking out of this door one day and grabbing my mom's hand to walk home. Only it wasn't my  Mom!  The horrors!! My classroom was just to the right of the doors. 

Of course, Great Grandma was the main attraction!!

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