Saturday, August 4, 2012

So much fun at Funland!

We love going down to Rehoboth Beach when we go to Delaware, because we don't have those kind of beaches in NC. Boardwalks, old amusement parks, it seems like a trip into yesteryear or something.  Of course, it's slammed. The best time to go is early fall, but you know, our trip was in the summer.  So off we went! 

This was camp week for cousins Jacob and Hazen. Jacob was gone the first week, then Hazen left the day we went to the beach. It was fun for Brant though, to have one on one time with the guys.  Hadley and Brant had so much fun too, not to mention the little cousins!

So, first stop was Funland. You've seen posts about it before, we go whenever we can! The kids ride rides, we play skeeball.  Brantley wins a zillion times and Brant always comes home with a new animal.  We stay until tickets and quarters are gone, then head off to the boardwalk!

The motorcycles

Henry will be on all the rides next year!

Bumper cars, Brant was lacking about an inch being tall enough to summer buddy!

Fun on the boardwalk!

 Brant had been begging and begging to go put his feet in the water. I wanted to take Henry down too, so we all went.  I love the beach. Love it.  Want to go sit on the beach and soak up the sand, but it seems that we don't get to, perhaps because big B isn't all that in to it (perhaps because he grew up so near?).  But the sand. Ugh!  ugh ugh ugh.

Anyway, after the Thrasher's Fries (no ketchup served, only vinegar!), we headed down.

Warned to enjoy, but not get too wet

Henry liked it, but it was cold! NC water feels better, sorry DE!  First thing he did was squeeze his toes and get a big glop of wet sand between them!

Ok.  About 3 seconds after this Brant turned to keep out of the way and in his words, "It was the wave's fault!"
He slipped, or the water washed away his footing, but he was soaked!  Good thing we planned on getting him a t-shirt next. The towel purchase was unplanned. 
Such fun, love spending time with our boys, the beach was a bonus!

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