Sunday, August 12, 2012

Backyard brotherly fun!

We spent this absolutely gorgeous day outside in our backyard.  Finally sunny weather again, we were headed to the pool, but decided instead to get out Brant's slip and slide and enjoy our space.  

Henry wasn't sure about the spraying jets, but got used it it.  Big brother Brant shielded him from most.

But brrrrrr....that water was chilly.  Henry snuggled under the sportbrella for a little rest and warmup.

Brant kept on sliding!  don't you love the goggles!

And Grandma can't resist a baby!

That boy has some crazy hair if we don't keep it combed down!

Tired of sliding, he just decided to chill a bit in the pool and spray at the end.

Yep, he's good! Two thumbs at once!

And those toes

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