Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lots of visitors!

The best part about this trip was seeing our family.  We had a great time introducing Henry to them, and Brant really enjoyed playing with everyone.  The Tobins are such a fun, playful, teasing family, there is just nothing like it!

Aaron, in college, kept Henry in his lap for along time.  Henry just adored him!

We decided to enjoy the reprieve in the weather and sit on the porch.  I took this photo from the swing, where Brant and I were. 

Aunt Terri stopped by for some baby snuggles and  fun with Brant!

See?  They just aren't right :-)
 Not long after Terri arrived, Aunt Resa came!  Followed by the rest of her family.  Brant and cousin Ben (in high school) headed out to play catch in the back yard while we all visited.  More family dropped in, but I somehow didn't get any more photos.

Grandma and Henry, having a deep conversation.
Little B just adores Grandma, and the feeling is mutual.  He thinks one of the best things is the cellar.  The door opens up in the kitchen floor (I was always scared to sit on it, thinking I might fall through!).  The last night we were there, Aunt Carol, Aunt Cathy, Ashley and I all took Brant down.  We found old tools, I mean OLD, like the ice tongs they used to carry blocks of ice with, and pick ax.  There is still coal down there, and you can examine the hand-laid stone foundation.  Brant disappeared for a minute, running up the steps.  I heard him return, followed by slower footsteps.  He had wanted Great grandma to come down too, and she did!  

Love love love our trips to Lancaster, and they are too far apart.  Hoping to get up sooner this time, to make more memories with the boys!

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