Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We have a sitter!

A few days ago we got Brantley's high chair down for Henry.  We had noticed that he liked sitting up higher when we were all at the table, and he really interacts with us there. He loves his cereal, both oats and rice.  When he was at Great Grandma's he had a little applesauce mixed in and scarfed it all.  When we eat at the table, he watches us and opens his mouth too!  So we started on cereal twice a day.  Tonight he had squash and couldn't get enough!

Mommy went back to work yesterday.  It was a rough day, overwhelming, teary, emotional....on top of the faculty meetings and such.  So I was more than ready to come home and be with my boys.  This starts the long schedules where we don't see Daddy that much, especially since the only schedule he'll be working is 3-close, so he can be with Henry during the day.

So after dinner, Brantley wanted to play Legos, so Henry and I sat on the floor in Brant's room.  Henry usually just kinda leans against me as we build, but last night, he reached for his toy.  And stayed sitting! no propping, no tripod, just sitting straight and tall.  You still have to keep a hand near by, for those sudden urges to put his feet in his mouth throw him off balance, but we definitely have a sitter!!

He loves sitting on his playmat, a whole new point of view!

And baths with brother got easier, although we really don't take a hand away there.  But it's safe to say,  the baby bathtub is going to the attic.  A twofer in the tub is way more fun!

Look at those blue eyes! Crazy!
Can you believe it?  can you?  I can't.  He's such a little guy, but has learned so very, very much in 5 months!

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