Tuesday, August 21, 2012

February, March, April

Remember the blogs, say about 6 months ago, when I mentioned that my cousin Karen and my cousin Patrick's wife and I were all pregnant at the same time?  Karen was due in February, I was due March and Jennifer was due in April, but actually ended up delivering on St. Patrick's day, making the boys only 11 days apart!

On our way up to Lancaster, we stopped to see Aunt Terri and Uncle Bob.  And as a bonus, baby Brody and his mom and dad were able to come by!!

Proud Grandparents.  I took several of these, and someone's eyes were closed in every one!

Relaxing!  Just missing sweet little Lila Rose in the middle!

Hey cuz, let's be buddies!
 A short, but very sweet visit!  I hope these guys are as close as my cousins and I were growing up!
(in case you were wondering, Little B was there, but never stopped moving long enough for a picture! and when he did stop, he was crashed out on the couch!)

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