Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bobcats and tigers and wolves, OH MY!!

After baseball ended, we started discussing what our fall activities were going to be.  Brant, who has been very excited about joining scouts, was given the "what if" scenario of "What if you had to choose between soccer and scouts?"  We wanted to see how serious he was about soccer and scouts. If he really couldn't decide, we would have made it work, but he immediately said, "SCOUTS!"  I was shocked.  I thought he really liked playing soccer (he said he does), but apparently, Scouts is even more appealing.  

Not arguing the decision (I mean, one night a week vs. several nights of practice and games, who would!?), we got him signed up.   A few days ago, we got the invitation to the first meeting, a picnic and outdoor fun day at Lake MacIntosh.  Regular meetings to begin the following Monday. 

On the first day of school (a half day, thank goodness!)  we headed to the scout store in Greensboro to pick up his uniform.  My heart melted seeing him in it, so here are the first photos.  The patches aren't sewn on, and yes, it's a little big (we want it to last at least until the spring!)  The pants are the zip off to shorts kind, so that's nice too. But here's our little Tiger Scout (although, he'll tell you that officially he has to be a Bobcat before he can be a Tiger!)

The scout sign.  He poured over his handbook with Daddy, who taught him all the things he remembers.
Note the floor...we are in the middle of laying new tile, and it's covered with Hardie backerboard

Scout salute, so cute!
 The scout store was crazy cool.  So many cool "optional" things, like Cub Scout Camel Baks and such.  Rounding a corner to pick out shirts, we saw the Cub Scout onesies!  Of course Little Brother needed one!  The belt loops have "potty training" and "pacifier" on them! There's a well placed paw print on the heinie too!

Cubbie bros!
(yes. I need to edit my photos to get out the red-eye.  But if I take the time to do it, I might never get them blogged!)

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