Saturday, September 1, 2012

GO Elon!

Earlier in the summer Brant attended the Elon University soccer camp.  He had a blast, with the team being his coaches, and the REAL coaches helping them too.  On the last day, in addition to pictures of the team and getting autographs and such, each camper got two tickets to the soccer game August 25th.  When we were at camp, August seemed like ages away, but BAM all of a sudden, it was last Saturday!  Of course, Daddy had to work, so Brant, Henry and I set off to Elon University to watch the game!

Smushy self portrait, a bit blurry too, but I think the way Brant is looking at H is cute!

GO ELON!!  It was great weather, we ended up in sweatshirts before the game was over!
 Of course, not too long into the game, despite the fact that we had eaten dinner just a short while before, Brant asked if we could to to the "sessions."  So, down the steps we went.  You see, we were sitting at the VERY top.  Granted, it's not a huge stadium, but man, when you have a 16 lb. baby strapped to your already carrying extra baby weight self, phew!  There were a LOT of steps!

But, while we were down there we ran into someone special!  The Phoenix!  It was freshman orientation too, so they pulled out all the stops, with members of all the teams at the game, and the know, all the college stuff!

We ended up on the great hill on one side of the field, with Brant running up and down, and rolling and sliding.  It was fun, and honestly, we'll probably just sit there the next game! Of course, the kid in blue at the bottom, just in front of Brant, ended up being one of my new sixth graders.  Lots of fun to play with the big boys too!

Go Phoenix!  It sure was a lot of fun to root for Daddy's old school.  I guess I need to buy myself an Elon shirt, especially if we start to go to more games!

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