Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogging backlog

We've been back in school about a month now, and our family is finally starting to get it together.  It's been quite the adjustment, with Mommy having been home for so long, and Daddy's schedule changing, and fitting in early morning nursing and such.  But we are learning, and everyone is starting to get into a routine. 

Except for my blogging.  It keeps getting pushed to another day.  So when I flip through the photos on the card, I see so many things I had hoped to blog about.  So here's a smattering of what our life has been like lately. 

Boys. Brothers. Buddies

Silliness, Brant was taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

We love the park that's just down the block from our house.  It's nice to be able to walk there, for short trips.  The big thing about being in first grade at BDS is that the "blue bars" aren't off limits anymore.  The blue bars are a right of passage.  High, old fashioned monkey bars and climbing things.  A holdover from the playgrounds of our generations youth.  But it frustrates Brant to pieces because he couldn't master the monkey bars.


Follow me Mommy!

Brady is always the star of the show. This time two little kids followed him and Grandma around the whole time we were there!
 A night or so before we went, Brantley walked down to the park with Grandma.  In his words, a "Big" kid was playing there, on the monkey bars.  So Brant watched him, and the Big Kid gave him pointers.  The next thing I knew....
Brant was a pro at the monkey bars!

Doodle was enjoying his keys.
The new camera is a source of enjoyment for us all, and under close supervision, Brantley has wanted to take some photos.  I allow him too, as it's a great skill to have. But it make ME the subject!!  So Brant enjoyed being the photographer and ordering me around the playground.

One of the locations chosen by Brant!

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